Tagine Care

How do you care for your Tagine?
The more modern tagine pots available come with individual care instructions but if you have one of the traditional clay tagines then you should follow this simple care guide.

To Season Your Tagine:
Prior to using the tagine for its first time we recommend that you follow these 3 steps in order to prepare your tagine.

1) Soak your tagine in plain (not soapy) water for a minimum of an hour
2) Wipe around all of the inside surfaces with some olive oil
3) Place the assembled tagine into a cold oven before turning the temperature up to 350F and heat for between 1hr 30mins to 2 hours.

Tagine Cleaning and Maintenance:

Although you may be tempted to put the tagine into your dish washer it is recommended that you wash your tagine by hand to ensure best performance and a long life and if your tagine is a natural finish then do not let it soak for too long in soapy water.