What is a tagine

Where did the tagine originate from?
The Tagine comes from the North African country of Morocco and takes its name from the traditional Moroccan cooking pot that it is cooked in.

What is a Tagine cooking pot made from?
Traditionally the tagine dish would be made completely from a heavy clay with either a painted, glazed or natural finish.

Why are they shaped the way they are?
A tagine is made up of 2 individual pieces. The base is round with a flat bottom and characteristically low sides whilst the top is like an upturned funnel which sits on the inside of the tagine base for cooking.  The purpose of the design of the lid is to allow the condensation that is released during the cooking process to be filtered back down into the dish and may or may not contain a hole as part of the design.

How would you describe a tagine food dish?
Moroccan Tagine dishes create tender and aromatic flavours due to a combination of low cooking temperatures over a long period of time.  These succulent tagine dishes can be meat based or vegetarian with lamb being the prefered choice for a meat based tagine.  The slow cooking process lends itself to the cheaper cuts of lamb such as the shank, neck and shoulder and as you can imagine after a few hours cooking the meat literally just falls off the bones.  Due to the relatively expensive cost of lamb in Morocco both beef and chicken tend to be more frequently used with seafood also being popular in costal resorts.

What is the difference between a Tagine and Tajine?
There is no difference to these two words, they both mean exactly the same thing but as is often the case different countries and continents adopt different spellings of the same phonetically sounding words.

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