Choosing a Tagine

If you’re looking to get into Moroccan cooking then a tagine cooking pot is the ideal piece of kitchen equipment.

Tagine Sizes

First things first are how many people will you be using the tagine for?  As with most things in life bigger is better so we would always recommend that you purchase the largest possible tagine that your budget and cooker can accommodate.  As a guide recommend the following if you're doing a single pot dish, if you're having couscous prepared separately then add 2 people to numbers quoted below.:


There are smaller individual tagine dishes available which are more suited for serving starters or tapas style dishes in.  Tagine dishes are difficult to judge the size of just from photographs.  We recommend that you read the product information carefully on each product to ensure that it suits your size requirements.

What size tagine

Tagine Materials

The materials from which your tagine can be made from depends on how you will heat your food.  If you’re planning on using the tagine on your cooker top then you need to ensure the tagine is compatible with your heat source.  Cast iron is the most robust material and will work on all forms of hob types (electric, gas, ceramic etc).  For the more traditional terracotta tagines you should always invest in a decent heat diffuser to soften the heat that hits the tagine and stops it from cracking.

Finding Tagine Recipes

We hope that people will submit free recipes via our contact form. Click to submit your tagine recipe If you’ve created a youtube video recipe then simply send us the details on the contact form and we will embed it into the recipe.

To see a list of the current submitted recipes click this link

If you don’t find a suitable recipe then we recommend looking at our Moroccan cookery book section here we also have details on Moroccan cookery classes which are ideal for you to get to grips with tagine cooking.

Looking after your tagine

How you care for your Moroccan tagine will depend on the materials that it’s made from.  For an indepth care guide and for information on seasoning please see our specific caring for your tagine page.